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A New Approach to Studying EFL

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Picture this- Your teacher just talks and talks, and expects you to remember everything. You are on your way to becoming successful in the language quickly. No sweat!?

But `what really happens is you go about your normal busy schedule and forget most of what you have learnt. Not only is this time wasting, it could also affect your confidence. You could feel like giving up or that you are not good enough!

Students should feel proud of their progress, as they see themselves learning. They should be guided to become proactive independent learners, and help themselves and others to succeed.

Active Learning

When students are involved in their own learning rather than just passively listening, it brings about more interesting and relevant classes. An active learning style promotes natural analysis and encourages the application of knowledge to everyday life. It engages students in higher order thinking skills.

As such students are more equipped to take control of their own learning, inside, and outside of class.

The Conversationalist

Allot of students answer questions in parrot fashion, but when asked to speak freely, they freeze up. The fastest way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it,

Being able to speak freely opens students up to a world of social and business opportunities, and to a level that may not be obtainable through other methods.

The Facilitator Approach

With less time spent on delivering content through traditional teaching methods, facilitators can spend more time on building a community learning mindset and setting up the right environment for students to exchange knowledge.

If the students catch on- the learning potential is enormous!

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At English To Go we combine all of these methods, in a focused and natural way! We give students a boost in the right direction and they walk away knowing they are capable of achieving more than they may realise. Join a class by emailing

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