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 Kirsty Lewin  


Company Director and Head of Study

Plato left us a long time ago I know, but his legacy lives on, and I too like to start things with a question. How do we take an accurate account of the resources that we have now, and bring into abundance everything that we need? How do we reward for good deeds?


We can only see so much into the future but what we are looking at are industries, talents and skills that will be required based on the way technology is vastly and hastily advancing. We are in a technological revolution, however communities, individual resourcefulness and the ability for nations to survive independently are greater than ever. How might we retain what we have, and add to each other, be it on an individual level, or a national one, even a planetary one?

To sum up what I'm currently involved in into one sentence. I turn around undervalued industries, and organisations who are both responsible and resourceful into multimillion dollar profit, while directing large teams of diverse professionals. I focus on training others to think of the not so distant future, with some basic principals in mind, and with the aim of using them to benefit the greatest amount of beings, in the best possible way, and for the longest period of time.

Programs at EnglishToGo are highly specialised, based on the students goals and learning styles. Our educators may use a variety of their own resources if agreed by the student, and myself. However, all EnglishToGo educators are required to include Minecraft Bedrock edition into their programs, as well as, out of the box thinking games, and appropriate rewards.


Through these programs I hope to train strong hearts and minds, from any background, in communication, collaboration, negotiation, critical thinking, systems thinking, the ability to predict a future outcome, patience, humour, artistic design, integration, confidence, and being active, both in listening and in output.

Please see for more information about me as an individual.

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